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Post-Operative Instructions

Crown Prep

A Temporary crown will protect your tooth until it is removed, usually about 2 weeks you come back for the permanent crown.

Do not chew on anything hard or sticky as it can either break or remove temporary. (It is placed with temporary cement and can easily be removed.)

Brush teeth normally, use floss by pulling floss through the side of teeth, not up and down. Soreness around gums is normal, if so use warm salt water rinses.

Sensitivity to hot and cold can be common. If so avoid cold/hot food and drink. (Sensitivity may not go away until permanent crown is placed.)

If any questions or concerns please call the office 864-244-7135

Crown Seat

If anesthetic was administered, wait until it wears off before eating.

If no anesthetic was used wait an hour before eating.

Be sure to continue brushing and flossing to maintain longevity of crown.

You may have cold sensitivity; this should subside after no more than six weeks, if longer to call us at 864-244-7135.

Root Canal

What to expect:

  • You can be sore for several days after procedure.
  • A little bit of swelling is normal but if you get significant swelling please call us.
  • The best thing to take is an anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen (Advil) or Aleve.
  • There is a temporary filling where we did RCT, make sure to stay away from really sticky foods as it can remove the temporary filling.
  • The filling will settle in tooth making it feel like there is a slight divot in area. This is normal, continue to brush area well.

It’s best to come back as soon as you can (the soonest being a week and a half after RCT) for crown to be placed. Following a Root Canal teeth are more susceptible to break and therefore the tooth requires more treatment so that you do not lose it.

If you have any questions or concerns please call at 864-244-7135.

Composite Fillings

What to expect:

  • The numbness may last several hours after your appointment, avoid chewing or drinking hot beverages until numbness has completely worn off.
  • Hot and cold sensitivity and/or chewing pressure for a few days up to 6-8 weeks is normal.
  • You may want to take and anti-inflammatory (Aleve, Advil, ibuprofen, etc.)

When to call the doctor:

  • Increasingly worse hot and cold sensitivity and/or pressure pain.
  • If swelling or throbbing occurs.

Dr. Wilson has taken every measure to give the area the best and least invasive treatment possible. However, there still may be a risk that this area may need additional treatment in the future. In some cases, teeth have deep decay and/or cracks and discomfort may arise several weeks or months in the future.

*If your bite feels ‘high’ or you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call our office at (864)-244-7135.